iShares Global Energy ETF: I Love Buying Corrections (Rating Upgrade) (NYSEARCA:IXC)

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Primary Thesis & Background

The aim of this text is to judge the iShares World Power ETF (NYSEARCA:IXC) as an funding possibility at its present market value. This can be a passively managed sector fund withgoal

1-Month Performance

1-Month Efficiency (Google Finance)

Brent Crude Annual Moves (2023 YTD)

Brent Crude Annual Strikes (2023 YTD) (Power Data Administration)

IXC's Geography Breakdown

IXC’s Geography Breakdown (iShares)

VDE's Top Two Holdings

VDE’s Prime Two Holdings (Vanguard)

IXC's Top Two Holdings

IXC’s Prime Two Holdings (iShares)

OPEC's Demand Forecasts

OPEC’s Demand Forecasts (OPEC March Report)

Headline Layoff Announcements

Headline Layoff Bulletins (S&P World)

Metrics for Energy Sector

Metrics for Power Sector (Yahoo Finance)

S&P 500 Performance

S&P 500 Efficiency (S&P World)

IXC Share Worth (7/1/11) IXC Share Worth (9/29/11) % Change
$42.17/share $33.88 (19.7%)